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Captain and His Ship

I've watched the ships
come into the harbor.
On days of summer,
and days of winter cold.
Something about those
Ships, that stirs my spirit

The captain walks the deck
With a look of "Davey Jones"
A nautical man tall and 
Thin, with a half frowning
Grin..he's bad to the bone...

He tells his crew to take leave
He remains onboard, he sleeps
To the music of the sea, his dreams
Are not make believe... But comfort
Awaits for him on the waves of
His retrieve...

He walks the night at quite a pace, before
The ship breaks to race,  engines cleaned
And strong to sail, fine-tuned for salty...
tempest wails...
The time for sea is in his blood, in phantom
Siege, and deck that floods, his skill, and crew
Will wipe the deck, and make periodic checks.

Give me land, keep the sea, it's not the life for me...
Captain waits for his crew to return, to uptake
Those engines to a mighty burn, I watch the ship
In good time, off to adventure on the water's prime...
Some will not return, the dangers wait with every
Turn... but this is a sailors life, at captive hull and
Stern.....a Sailors life they all will learn...

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Captain and His Ship (Reprise)