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Neptune has Breached the Brink

Chains slide across the deck and the salty
waters corrode the iron links.
Bondage steals life and speeds it to the brink. 
The rusted iron quickly will sink.

Waters vast and thick with grime can increase the thirst
and dry the lips of pain unkind.
Storms of the ages stains the pages, the sorrows real
and withered sages.
Riding the waves that cut, and shaves the seabound 
Souls rebound to save the hearts that hold the brave.

Cast not the flesh in battered sails, the harsh winds
Will surely wail. 
The clipper ship sails will rip and flail in a gust of air
That's never frail. The tempest grip leaves strong men frail!
The mighty waves leave the crew weak and pail! 

Swallowed by the wet rampage when drowning takes
"Center Stage"...
The Fury of the sea cries out in fits of aimless rage.
Bondage entwined in chains will break its link, and 
Future servitude will quickly sink.
When Neptune has breached the brink
A force that cannot be reckoned
The untamed waters beckon... 

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Neptune has Breached the Brink (Reprise)