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Heaven's Rains

In the shadows shines a light.
and flows the warmth that holds
Me tight. 

It brings the peace that soothes 
My soul, it reminds me of my
Final goal.

What light that follows night or day,
Will surely shine my way.
If only for a short while, ill thrive on 
Your loving smile.

Someday we will see the promise 
That God gave to you and me,
Hope and love will set us free,
We will shade the past under 
The old Oak Tree.

So meet me at the gate, forgive 
Me if I am late, the light of smiles
and laughter, calls back forever

The Moment will call my name
and sorrows will refrain.
The wild in me might tame, 
and your love for me will still
Remain the same.

I stand and await the gentle drops
Of Heaven's rain...

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Heaven`s Rain