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Not Alone

In despairing times I felt alone
I felt a gentle warmth beside me, loving 
and warm.
In uncontrollable  tears, I felt "The Rock of 
Ages" help me through the years.

On Seas in strong fury, on waters calm
I felt the faith in His open arms.
The sleeping forest shares her dreams
My soulful screams are what they seem.
He held together the splitting seams.

On mountains summit where hopes
can plummet.
I felt the comfort of his mighty hand.
In Deserts Storms of flying dust,
I witnessed the Angel's inviting

On flowing rivers of life, I sensed His
Presence, and the image of His loving face,
Fill my journeys with His grace.

When my sails have come to rest,  I know
I've done my best, He gave me strength
Through every trying test.

When life ignites afar He will still shine 
For me like the silver-white of Heavens 
Brightest star.......

 ( I know I'm not alone when I reach my
Eternal home )

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Not Alone