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An Extraordinary light is shown from her face.
One step ahead, The Queen lead. 
She valued her people by far. Her Kingdom under
Siege, the marauders slew her King and soldiers
They destroyed the castle with heavy boulders.

In a hidden cave, was a path that leads to the 
Haunted Forest, the bumps in the night, would
hold their wounded people
The ancestral spirits would fight for the cause.
They will defend and bring the marauders to
Their end.

The Queen knew the enemy would follow her 
The plan was working her thirst needed one 
Drop of water to swallow. 

As she arrived in the haunted forest there
Stood a fountain of silver and gold, it was
The fountain that eased both young and 

Just one sip of the fountains drip. Her years
Melted away, youth and healing was it waters
but it only would serve the Kingdoms people
and pure of heart, only one drop could part.

Many years passed since that day, the spirits of 
The forest sent the intruders on their way
Those who lived to run were the lucky ones.

The Kingdom was repaired, and its people return
The force of the land brought forth victorious hour.
Of The Ancestral Spirits defending power.

(So once upon a time, lived a Kingdom divine.
Stories Untold, of Old, part 2, The Fountain of silver and

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Stories Untold, of Old Part 2, Fountain of Silver and Gold