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A Union Blessed

The Meadows had a certain shine
the day you said you were mine.

The sun lit the flowers glow and 
Small creatures were dancing 
To and Fro.

Noon hour filled the air with wild
Flowers sent so fair. 

We both held each other's hand 
When summers breeze sweeps
Through the land.

I see your soft blue eyes shimmer 
In white cotton skies, when love 
Speaks free in awesome sighs.

Nature's heat embrace my bare feet,
The Meadows sawgrass swings and
Sways and the richness of our love
Is blessed on that day.

When  the Meadow sings, Like the day
So long ago. When you gave me your
Mother's ring. 

A picnic lunch for two, with wildflowers
We sat to dine. 

On the day you made your  heart forever
(A union blessed by The Devine)

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A Union Blessed