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Woken From Nightmarish Dreams

Dreams visit in the silent darkness of the night.
Which lands near and far casting light from a falling Star.
In the open veld, life and death are held. 
A motherless calf has no direction, but worse, it has no protection.

The lion stalks his prey,  the calf is gone by the wayside
Left to the final day, veld space has revealed its stride.
Awake me now from this bad dream, my spirit painfully screams. 
The timeless images haunt deep and twist the mind 
As sadness sleeps. 

When night and day walk side by side, the torment 
Finds no place to hide. 
The world continues as it is when reality slowly starts to Whiz
Teetering on sleep and wakeful times the nightmare 
Commits its crime. 

Am I that calf, with no protection? The wakeful mind
has direction. The lion returns to his den, to stalk the
Veld with searching eyes, when a part of nature release
It cries, the cost when innocence dies.

To face the mighty roar, and wake up on distant shores,
And ahead of the light on a life that's tame, and end to the
Wild ruthless game.

Nightmares are not what they seem, they simply steal
The light of dreams, a reminder of wildlife  and their 
Strife a double blade of the knife. 

Retaining polished dreams
without the bumps or screams
The past and reifying timeless seams,
When silk sheets are where the place
that brought forth wild and untamed dreams...
Safe in the rising sun is where light softly streams... 

(Woken  from Nightmarish Dreams, when a
Lion is hungry they feed their primal need.)

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Woken From Nightmarish Dreams