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Together  on Ebbing Shores

There is a silence that fills the air. 
A sullen wave of unsettled sorrow
Creeps in a petty pace, when all 
About me is hard to face. 

Already gone, but not free the emptiness
Sets the scene and twist the waves of 
Torment clean. 

Tomorrow may not appear, let alone another
Year. He turns His back and walks away, I won't
Ask him to stay. 

I look through my window tears gather like the rain
Sun looks around the clouds, and cast its soft rays.
April walks quickly to stand with May.

A gentle parting of the cloud reveals a blue sky purely
Proud. The song of Robins tunes reach my heart that 

I open my door to greet this day and walk with sunlight
That speaks of May.  A soft kiss press on my cheek to
Help me find what I seek.

I see the years in piles that stack, the laughter, the joy that
Rings.  Seasons that flow like a mighty river, a time when
Strength did not quiver. 

I feel the warmth of summer days, and watch the hours fall
and raise.  A sight that danced before my eyes, when hope
Would gently rise.

A mirror of light reflections, of God's love and protection.
The light beams like a flickering flame, and glows with
Peace, I speak his holy Name.

The sorrows fade away, you walk through my door
and warm my heart once more, you take my hand
and together we stand by the ebbing waters of Havens
Shores.....( Together forever, more.....)

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Together on Ebbing Shores