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Patchwork Vase

Little Billy wanted to buy his Mother
some flowers for Mothers Day.
But he didn't have enough money
To pay.

So he went to the meadows and 
Picked some wild Daisies and 
Queen Anne's Lace
He got a ribbon and put the flowers 
In his mother's favorite vase.

He made his mother a card out
Of construction paper and assorted
Colorful markers, but little did he know
Those flowers would send his mother
To the Doctors.

Allergic to Queens Ann's Lace, his poor
Mother started to swell and turn red
In the face.

He took the flowers and put them 
Out of trace, but as fate would have
It, he slipped and dropped her favorite
Vase. Billy's day was lacking in grace.

He put the pieces back into place, his 
Sad eyes watered with tears, but after
Many years he sees the vase and his
Mother's smile on her loving face.

Billy knows now that unconditional 
Love shines brightest when the
Hard times is lacking in grace.
For many years later his Mother 
Displays her patchwork Vase
In a special place.

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Patchwork Vase