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Sand Blast 2 Land of the Lost

I ventured South crossing the dunes with nothing in sight,
Nearing the hour of approaching night.
My only goal, at this point, was to the climb down the dune,
I  was now descending.
There was an empty city of ruin, a massive wall extending,
I moved  forward  with curiosity and caution, the ruins were
my only option, so for protection, I continued in that direction.

Bedding down in a stable, burning fire to warm my chill
and ward off unseen dangers, near a stall and tattered manger.

The shadows shift with the crackling flame, I was so tense,
an anxiety of natural defense. 
Soon my eyes grew heavy, and sleep took a hold, the flame of
the fire defeated the cold.

Daybreak brings a stirring of sand, a soft whisper of wind,  whistles
in a foreboding tone, in a manner that chills to the bone. 
Somehow an omen of sandstorms is in an undertone of that chill.
A sandblast storm of the desert plains hits faster than an uncontrollable train.
Suddenly I felt the ground shake, sand and wind was blasting away,
I ran to a hut, to an inner wall, covered my face and stand firmly in place.
Thank God I have these walls for protection, somehow I began to
believe a divine force led me in this direction...
( what will happen in this land of the lost? To be continued  Sand Blast 3, 
Land of the Lost)

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Sand Blast 2 Land of the Lost