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Curiosity Bites Back

I remember my curiosity
Bit me one day. I had to run
And hide, so I could be on the
Safe side.

One-Thousand questions I was wondering
about God and worrying about the
Devil. So I asked my Mother how
Close was heaven, how deep was hell.
Of course, I couldn't say Hell
Back then, it would be like cussing
and my Parent's would start fussing.

My Mother picked me up and walked
To the mighty Old Oak tree.
It went to heights so hard to see.
Mama said,"Heaven my Dear is way up
High, much higher than this tree!
Don't worry the Devil is deeper, deeper than
The roots of this tree, As long as your
Good, he won't run free."

So there it was I was afraid of heights
So I didn't climb the tree to Heaven.
So I got my shovel and Chicken wire,
To Dig at the base of the tree to fence
Off Hell's fire.

Deeper and deeper I went when suddenly
a brown twisted horn popped from the
Ground, I just knew I was bad for digging
and that Devil would jump out and run around.

I ran screaming into the house and hid under
My bed, the whole time pitchforks danced in my 
My Mother was calling, she found me, I told
Her what I did and why I hid.

My Mother carried me to the Tree, I showed her where
The horn was dug free, she looked and rolled
In laughter because; of that horn, was a root
Of that old Oak tree, seems my sin was forgiven
and I was set free!
Was that the "root of all evil" at that tree,
No not at all just the first bruise on my dignity!

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Curiosity Bites Back