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True Champion
Once upon a day, the kingdom had a soccer game to play!
Many kingdoms came from close and far away.
Princess Booba was the captain of her team, her Gramps 
watch with his eyes all a gleam.

Her Mother and father, the King and the Queen, was ready to
let their banner to stream.
Like the fine Princess, she was she stood strong and tall and
played by the rules and worked magic with the ball.

Princess Booba's team would win this day, they would also
win the field that they played.
The score was tied, the crowd was pleased with the honor both teams
Princess Booba was steady and full of grace!
She had that ball on the chase and a warm smile on her face.

The winners were Kingdom Booba, a champion so fair!
They decided not to keep the field, they decided to share.
Through the years many kingdoms would gather at this site.
With team spirit, they played, with legends might!
This field  was Given the name, "Field Booba Fair"
A place that was important to share, the sincere 
Care was the true trophy here!

( There was something the Kingdoms learned that day,
it is so easy to say, teamwork and honor will make 
it a rewarding day.
Princess Booba made peace by sharing her team's" win "
if she had it to do over she'd do again and again.
The peace that filled the land  brought peace to all,
and to think it started with that soccer ball!
Way to go Booba Fairness is the true Champion of
This is Dedicated to my young friend, Booba, and the
champion you are.

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True Champion