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Storm Cellar

Did morning pass us by there is still darkness in the sky?
A storm is brewing fast it is funnel cloud above heading
For the ground, it may soon touch down.
The storm cellar  was ready for a family of five, it would
protect us and keep us alive.

Hail was dropping like darts ripping its path apart. 
So deep in the shelter, we stay until this storm goes

There were a howling and banging that brought the 
The nerves to a frazzle, an angry tornado that sound
Like a freight train that twisted the land in unbearable

So I curdled on my bunk and fell fast asleep while the
Storm collected a matted heap.
Hours passed by all seemed still, the storm moves beyond 
The hills. 

We open the doors to see what was amiss and much to our
Surprise the house still stood before our eyes.
A few windows were shattered and doors off their hinges
Seemingly solid yet, I could not help feeling the fringes.

Well, the sun now appears, it no longer is hidden in 
The clouds, it shines with luster and looks down at
The piles of the tornados cluster.

A few days of cleanup and repairs, if the weather
Stays fair.
Kansas is a rich farmland  indeed if the wind doesn't 
 pluck out the seed!

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Storm Cellar