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What are Faith and Hope

"What is hope and faith," my young son asked. I could only reply,
"Many things become light, it gives the gift of the unseen with inner sight."
To reach beyond the cold and touch the warmth of sun rays golden beams.
To set to rest the shattered pieces of broken dreams. 
To soothe the pains of birth or death, moving upward to release the labored 

Lay softly in the arms of peace, were war and struggle long has ceased.
When winds have struggled with distant rains or snow, the turbulent wind
will change to soft whispers that gently flow.

To reach the unreachable, to sail on waters silent glow. To find a home in
Open land and take the promise of life and lead it by the hand.
Slowly life will reveal how unseen hope and faith keep the tender moments
 and arms our life with values real. 

"Yes, my son, hope, and faith grow in the hearts that warmly feel, they 
can surely arm the worth of life, and always have a golden seal, but 
It is the air we breathe in honors sweet appeal."

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What are Faith and Hope