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 poetry by Mercysmine

My, didn't it rain last night, farmers sure
needed it, crops were withering away
they're calling for more rain tomorrow
and Sunday too, we sure need it, it's
been a scorcher this year, my, but
didn't it pour the rain last night

No mentions made of the elephant sitting
in the middle of the room, we talk of the
rain, the high price of gas and the Smiths
new baby boy, awkward moments are covered
over with idle chatter, my, but didn't
it rain last night

We both try to avoid looking into each
others eyes, afraid of what we'll see, not
wanting to acknowledge the elephant, I've got
a nest of Robins out on the back porch, the
momma squawks every time we walk out there
my, it sure did rain last night

Can I get you a glass of lemon aid, made it
this morning, Morgans Market has the biggest
lemons in town, I'm gonna make a lemon pie
for Sunday, my James loves lemon pie, he
could eat his weight in em, my, but didn't
it rain cats and dogs last night

You nod, and shake your head in agreement
lemon pie's good, Morgans Market sells the best
lemons, the Smith baby's got a lot of hair, no
thanks I wouldn't care for any, the momma robin's
protecting her babies, yes, it sure did rain
last night

We nod in agreement, you wipe your forehead with your
apron, I say "oh" it's getting late, I better go, you walk
me to the door, say thanks for dropping by, it was
good to see you, tell Mark and the kids hello for me
you wave and say come by and see me first chance
you get, I nod and say, if it ever stops raining

I see you again six weeks later, lying in a
coffin at the Church, guilt floods over me, I let
that elephant keep me from telling you how sorry I
was that you were ill, how much your friendship had
meant to me, I vow, never again will I let an
elephant silence me

Gramma Sellers creeps up beside the casket, bent
over with age, she reaches out and touches me
with a cold, trembling hand, looking even worse than
the last time I'd gone to see her, she says she's
really missed me visiting her, I nod and say, my
But didn't it rain...

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