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Make Safe your Stay

Did you hear the thunder?
Did you feel the earth tremble down under?
A wind whips and gathers strength, the sky
grows darker by the minutes, a funnel cloud 
Touches down and wreaks havoc through 
The town.

I've seen and experienced the ruthless side of
Nature, the fury that follows the calm,  like 
A stronghold sound of a mighty freight train the 
Sounds and sights of a tornado leave an 
Imprint on the brain.

So I've moved away from Tornado Alley, where 
Winds come and goes do some damage that
Talley's, but I've found relief from the funnels of
Wind, that strike like a nightmare, sudden and grim.

Whatever stands in the path of a violent twister is 
Bound to pick apart whether be it you, or your brother
Or sister. So I live in the mountains and swim in the 
Sea and moved far away so those funnel no longer
Threaten me, but remember if you can't move away 
Be prepared to make safe,  your stay!

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Make safe Your Stay