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Wilderness Walk  (Series Three)

They walked and rode horseback across the plains following the Buffalo to their autumn graze.
The sun rose and set forty times, the voice of winter whispers in the wind.
The bison would stay on the lower ground for winter, but the Plains Cree would be higher to 
Keep sight of that herd, for many seasons they stood silent and true to their word.
They fed their hunger with elk, and rabbit in winter's cold, and let the Bison grow bold.
They would still be near, in their sight on those frosty winter nights.

The rolling hills are a few days away, so close to making their winters home,
soon they will stop their nomadic roam.
For now, they encircle the open ground to eat and bed down, 
a few fires and tending the horses, before following
They're mapped and planned courses.

Chief Abooksigun (wildcat) lets his wife and child drape a wagon.  
Buffalo hides would block the wind His Lady Wapun(Dawn)
and child Oota Dabun (Day Star) was in great need of sleep.
Now rest and renewal held them in a warm keep.
Lady Wapun dreamed of a winters storm,  an icy blast that hit
Hard and fast.

Tossing and turning moaning and groaning, little Oota Daburn soon awakes,
 She watches her Mother shiver and shakes.
The loving little Papoose place  her hands on her mothers face, 
Her Mother leaves her dream behind, to tend to her child so loving
and kind.

Lady Wapun must let the Chief know of her night vision of the storm
of deadly snow.  It was the Dawn of Day and the rested tribe was on 
Their way.

When Lady Wapun told her husband of her dream,  he looked concerned,
her Visions have helped in the past, he would pay heed from the first
Part of winter to the last.

On the horizon, Stood the hill that soon will be their winter home!
The Little Papoose was smiling at its sight, she was beholding 
Of the welcoming sight...
A beautiful eagle soars above, a winged creature of bravery
Encircling a place of Wilderness' love 

More to the witness of this loving child, her first steps, her heart of
gold will reflect as this story is told. 
Come cuddle warmly by the fire site and watch this tribe's spirit take 
amazing flight.

To be continued, In Wilderness Winter series (Four)

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Wilderness Walk (Series Three)