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More Silly Than Bold

I was walking in the rain, nice steady warm rain.
My neighbors looked out their window and they
Shouted, "Are you insane?" I just smiled and waved
As I passed by, I really don't care if I'm wet or dry.

Walked to the bus stop and a woman offered her
Umbrella, she seemed so kind and very mellow.
I thanked her, but declined, and walked a bit further
and the sun started to shine, still a small drizzle, a 
A beautiful rainbow was clearly defined.

It doesn't always pour when it rains, and I've not 
Been labeled insane. I just found a way to beat the
Heat, and saw a few friendly people on the street
One thing I know, I found a beautiful rainbow.

Of course, there was no pot of gold, but my walk
Reminds me that fitness is not just for the young,
It is also for the ones growing old.
It might sound more silly than bold, now it's too late
My story is told.

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More Silly Than Bold