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Loneliness  Comes to an End

Loneliness is speaking loud, it is not a friend
It is not proud, it holds a void in every place
With vivid shadows of your face 

I ask what can I give, and I say there is nothing left,
You hold my heart in the darkest night and take
Away from my special sight

I reached out to emptiness you have taken all I have,
And walk to the public domains to watch the players of 
Sporty games, to lift my spirits high and still feel the
Voice of lonelinesses solemn cry

With the hope that it will go, and never again will show,
I walk with broken dreams, hollowness bellows with lofty screams
So I stand to push the presence aside, the mark of loneliness no longer hides

Peace hears my plea and gives my eyes light to see
It speaks of comfort and solitude, comforts loneliness 
That sulks with attitude

Perseverance strikes with force, to send the howling 
To another course
I simply must know that the light of love arms the value
Of living, long after the absence of its quality stops giving

So loneliness can hush its voice, and redemption will glimmer
With longing's choice, the tattered soul will mend when failing 
Sorrows bend
The air of hope transcends and loneliness meets the end,
Knowing now, I'm not alone, having Jesus as my friend.

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Loneliness Comes to an End