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Kingdom Old (Part Two)

The Queen prayed for her army's safe return
she knew there would be a long and bloody battle.
She had no choice she must have her kingdom back
Her subjects were ready to fight, Kingdom Old was
Their home, now it must be regained with all their might.
So forward into the night, their army road, nearing
Their Kingdom a bell begins to toll, the watchman 
Caught sight and wakes his fellow soldiers.

Rising the Vandal Army, still in a daze,  in the mist 
and summer canicular,  August, on the hottest day
and night of the season left mental haze for an obvious reason,
Kingdom Old fought with a valor that amazed
they swept  across their homeland through the 
Drunken Vandals, without even a graze. 
The Queen closely combed the land and successfully regained
The upper hand, the time of peace would prevail, they
Now have their land so ridged and frail, but the Queen's army 
Did not fail.

Caring for the wounded and dead, the Kingdom Old 
was the army that would lead through compassion
and was noted in historical tomes, the survivors of the
Queen's army would soon return to their homes.
The Kingdom would rise,  above the field of battle
The wings of vultures shadow the ground, the dead
and dying bleeds anguish into the ground, countless 
Iives so mercilessly the sum of fallen sadly astounds.

To be concluded in Kingdom Old (Part Three)

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Kingdom Old (Part Two)