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Life is Many Things

There are times when nights become sleepless
It is then when images come to visit from the past
The sleeping world is at my doorstep,
As I invite yesteryear once more, life is many things, 
It is the Christmas Carolers or happy child when they sing
It is laughter and tears, it is more than weeks or years 
Becoming a part of Gods good earth, 
Knowing the value of each other's fair worth 
Counting blessings, and acknowledging grief, standing 
Firm on one profound belief
The sum of it all has lifted me when I fall 
In times, when I have needed rest, my prayers have yielded comfort best 
Only God can hear the prayers when my spirit calmly shares 
For when a vibrant home is still, 
I place my lonely cares and find comfort in His will
Yes, life is many things, we might not always like what it might bring
A thankful heart will weather storms and bless the song, life sings 

( In the morning the town will gather in fellowship when the church bells ring)

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Life is Many Things