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Good and Bad Weather

Summer vacation was nearly over, the soft clear shine 
Swimming and fishing was a favorite past time
Each day my brother, Chris, my sister Anna, my Mum
and I, would take a swim, I was always the first to
Dive in.

One peaceful day at the beach a  small boy was 
Was crying and rubbing his eyes, seems a bully
Stamped his Sand Castle down, that meany brought
the whole sand kingdom to the ground.

Billy was the little boy's name, he was lighthearted
Bright, and full of fun and games.
He worked hard he played hard, he was ambitious
Yet, tame. 

I told Billy we could rebuild his castle, it would not be
A hazel, so buckets of sand was filled to the brim, 
The deep blue sky clouded over the sun started to

Thunder rumbled and lightning streaked through the sky
Then rain poured til nothing was dry. 
Along came the bully that destroyed Billy's sand castle,
He always seemed unafraid, but not at this moment
His terror was on parade.

Mum called to us, Get away from the water, she 
Motioned to her sons and daughter.
We ran to the pavilion on the hill,
my sister, brother and I knew the drill

Billy his father, as well as the bully, followed us up the hill
For an hour of a downpour and earthshaking thunder
Nature's fury ripped tore and plundered.
The bully told Billy his name, he said you can call me Joe.

The sun returned with its natural burn, but the sand was 
Noting but mud, looks like we can build a mud hut, said 
Joe, at the completion of the hut that looked like a sandy
Brown Igloo.

Joe told Billy he was sorry for being so mean, he asked
If he would wipe the slate clean.
Billy forgave Joe, and they spent a day in and about the 
Sandy brown igloo near the ocean blue. 

That day at the beach will not be forgotten, how my family
and friends came together facing both good and bad weather.
Storms come and go, but we grow to know that reaching 
out is the shelter we need, to nourish life's flowering seed.

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Good and Bad Weather