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Wise and Bold

In a small town in a fertile valley
Lived rich men and poor men as neighbors 
The rich man loved his gold we were told
The poor man loved his family he was wise and bold
The poor man worked the soil his harvest was always
worth the toil his crops kept his family fed 
The rich man had the best grain money could buy
Imported fruit quality beef but he ate alone
It became his grief
One day this poor family took him an apple pie
His servants were surprised when he started to cry
He sent for the family to join him at his table
He told his servants  to make plenty for a family 
Of eight they all showed much to his delight
Something wonderful happened at that dinner
It was the poor man's belief his rich neighbor 
Was lifted from grief
This story does not end as it began for a rich man
Shared his gold with all the valleys clans
Care for medicine and equipment created
Good health for all 
The community knew the lasting Blessing of true wealth 

Sharing and caring brought warmth to gold in a place
where this story is told the rich man lived to be wise and 
bold as his gold is no longer cold

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Wise and Bold