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Many years ago my Two oldest Grandsons were in my care 24/7
It was a hot sultry day like today, and they were sweating and fretting
I asked Charlie why he was so upset, "I'm wet Grandma Am I melting?"
He was so worried, so I explained, the natural process of how the body cools.

Hard as it was I kept a straight face I  gave him some Gator Aid gather
Some buckets and went swimming, It's been four years since his High 
Graduation, on hot days I remember the big blue-eyed boy and smile 
Life is so interesting through the eyes of a child. I am  so happy to 
See them grow into such nice young men, and it melts my heart.
When I see his innocent eyes of yesteryear.
( In a world so fast and temptest tempestuous wild, we must help 
Children know their value, and grow to value others)

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