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First Water Skiing Tournament

Little Billy loved to water ski he did just what his mother told him to do riding the water in style
When his skies danced across the waves, Billy wore his first-class smile 
One sunshiny day Billy was in the water, it was mornings first light
Billy must practice and improve his skill, to become stronger wiser as he felt the water's thrill
There would be a contest he had to do his very best  Billy would practice being ready to pass the test

Three more days till the junior skiing tournament Billy was fit as a fiddle, he was ready to strap on the skies
He would compete against the four-year champ, Jim was his name it is his last year to compete in the game.
Billy was ready to win or lose he would do just fine it was his first competitive water sport but a sport all the same
The night before the game Billy said a prayer of thanks when he remembered he left his skies on the water's bank 

So he asked his Father to please take him the water's edge he found his skis stuffed in the docks narrow ledge.
They looked fine he took them home and waxed them to shine ten hours till countdown Billy was ready he was calm and steady.
The sun was blazing no wind not even a breeze but Billy was prepared with the greatest of ease
The boats and their skiers were ready to ski the bell rang its bell  off to great speed and out with a yell 

Billy was was in front he was skillful and determined all looked good for Billy suddenly, to everyone's surprise, the champs boat capsized!
Billy stopped while others went on he swam to the boat to check on Jim, Jim laid unconscious in the choppy water, Billy's boat pulled up to his aid
Jim was placed on the boat on a cot that Billy's father made
When Jim came to, he was listless and weak, but he saw Billy's concerned eyes watering as they seek 
The game was not won for Billy or Jim, but a friendship became strong after what happened that day safety first Bill's mother would often say 

Billy learned something that hot summer day when life is in danger, he could not be a stranger 
Billy forgot the game and in Jim's book, Billy still was a winner all the same
The tournament was canceled, the coastguard helped pull Jim's boat out of the water,
That night Billy thanked God for keeping him strong, and the light of Heaven shown on Billy
For helping Jim's danger to be totally gone, Billy helped his friend, Jim all along.

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First Water skiing Tournament