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Golden Phase

Golden days of summer leaves bronze suntans subtle 
Sunglasses, lanolin oil, the crisp breeze that eases the noon's sun boil,
Sand and shells and forceful waves  are rolling in a Haze
These are the memories of sunny summer days

Nothing seems to change a glance when sea and wind cast its' trance  
Albatross streams on high to sweep the sun dust from the sky 
Dolphins dance in waters near, bringing laughter to the children's cheer
Days of rising heat are timely hours that bare feet greet 

A surfboard and catchy tune holds wishes of young lovers as they spoon  
Dawn to Dusk will shine a blissful light, kissing softly in the moonlit night 
Flames of season loving care bring magic to the sea salt air 
So take a risk and soak the waves, make the most of the golden summers phase 

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Golden Phase (Original)