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Fallen Star

Once there was a man who reached into the skies and caught a fallen star
He held the star nearer to his heart nurturing it with love, 
Sharing his sorrow and joy 
The star accepts the man, offering him sanctuary from the raging storms. 

The man and the star walked the earth together.
One day the rain fell upon them the man called upon the star for
protection, in his signs of agony his hand revealed nothing more
than glimmering dust

The man watched as the dust drift aimlessly in the chilling storm
around him
So once again the man walked alone searching for the star only 
Touching the bitter cold of other realities 
In the bitterness of winter the man grew weakly, and weary no longer
searching for his star

As his angel embraced him and noonday ended 
so did his worldly walk
As the Gates of Heaven opened, his flight begins
Once again the man and the star unites

When my Mom passed on, we knew our Dad was 
not long for this world, nine months later he followed our Mother
Dedicated to Mom and Dad.

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Fallen Star (Original)