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Royalty Stands Brave

The Queen was in great danger she must trust the help of two distant strangers
She wandered through the outskirts of town wearing nothing but her kelly green gown 
The king's soldiers were close behind their intentions are barbaric and unkind
She arrived at an old cabin near the desert edge, an old man and woman lived there 
She was shaking with fear, her horror was clear, a secret passage was under the
Floor she was directed by the Old Woman, when a knock came to the door

The passage branched off North, South, East, and West the woman was ready 
To start a journey that would save her life, she thanked the man and his wife 
There were canned meats, veggies and fruit, she was told to take what she could carry 
So she wrapped what she could in the skirt of her dress she moved cautiously to avoid a mess
She heard the voices of the soldiers overhead loud crashing and shuffling then silence she feared
The Dear people where dead 

She feared those ruthless soldiers, took their life, but at the end of the corridor stood the man and his wife 
A tear runs down her face seems God has shown his grace as they embraced one another 
The woman was then told the couple was her true father and mother  
She was stolen by a barren King and Queen, with no heirs of their own
Light fills the passageway as it was a bright summer day many miles in the one direction they walked 
Sometimes they'd stop to rest and warmly talk, their hearts always carried the love of the parents they wanted her to know 
Now gratefully they could finally let it show 

Time moves quickly, the young woman gave birth, she held her son lovingly, knowing his time was clear 
The home that stood in the meadow fair was safe and provided life-sustaining care, together a child grows with love and respect  
The day was here that the true King Phillip would take his throne now that he was fully grown 
A true royal King that would rule with compassion and provide hope and peace to his majestic Kingdom in a diplomatic fashion
Many years of light filled the land and the King ruled with a kind and loving hand 
Long-live King Phillip so bravely he stands

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Royalty Stands Brave