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Destiny Calls

She didn't know how to slip away she was young and full of energy.
Her restless spirit must search for adventure she longs to be free
So it happened to no avail she left her home for a distant sail.

Destiny was her name she was ready to see the world she knew
She would miss her family she took pictures of her mother and father
Brothers and sisters the photo of her dog named Twister.

Unlike the story of "The Wizard of Oz," she did not visit the land of dreams
Her reality was all too clear her growing tensions and haunting fears would 
Wander with her for many years.

There were storms that battled the sea winds over water in merciless sprees
She seen the bow snap and pull the ship back and in one fit of rage 
She saw the waters sage 
A final storm crushed the ship to shambles in an instant it was scrapped for the sea

The ship was torn apart debris was on an Island near few of the crewmen
brought in by the tide, Destiny was there among the few 
What would young Destiny do?
  There is more in Destiny Calls, Part 2

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Destiny Calls