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Well-Planned Scheme

The gentle rains shed soft tears of life in the movement of the day.
The night showered over the fields of corn, as the lights of the night are born.
A weary heart finds peace in the stillness that surrounds
The soft melody of summers rain whispers soothing sounds

My Lazy cat looks out the window now and then, curls up for sleep in her den
I love these days of  healing ease, it brings the comfort a gentle tease
To bring the grass rich green life and touch the fullest trees that know no strife
In the days that shines ahead, my spirit's hunger was gently fed.

So peace be with you come rain or shine, and let the healing cross the line
The sun will eventually beam, and awaken from its solace dream
So let the waters build their stream 
The voice of nature  calls out to welcome us to her well-planned scheme

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Well -Planned Scheme