A Synthetic Soul

To be Human

You are the breath that blew out

the flickering light of the match

that was meant to light the candle

that I was to use to find my way.

Through the labyrinth, through the gauntlet,

beyond the maze.

Without sunlight, there are no rainbows

inside the shadow I call my life.

Peering through tiny windows that

blink while I'm alive.

I can't believe this picture's whole.

I just don't feel it inside.

My body tells me that something is missing.

My brain tells me that I'm locked inside.

Clawing at the walls, imploding deeply like a bomb

beneath the sea.

No wonder this weight on my chest

To even breathe at this depth is a feat.

It's #ell to carry on and be human

with blood in my veins and a heart that just beats.

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