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Destiny  Calls ( Part 5 )

The temple was becoming unstable the earth had a steady shake.  Captain Ryan
Informed Destiny, Patrick, Dalton, William, and Vincent that they must leave this place. 
So the scrolls were gathered and Captian lead his friends and Islanders to a lower level
Of the Temple to a massive cave filled with water in the middle stood a large vessel;

A Nuclear Submarine called the Diving Thriving Titanic. It was a massive, magnificent, machine. 
"This Island is going to erupt, the volcano is not the only threat, we also have a Hurricane
Coming full force, board the ship we must make way," Captain Ryan Was ready to go. 
Deep in the water, the sub was still in danger,  they moved through the water like Grease lightning 

Above the sub, the earth opened, and magma flowed becoming lava tinged with gold the inner earth 
Claimed her gold temple.
Patrick and William were knowledgeable about nuclear subs they helped with maneuvering, Vincent, and Dalton 
Helped keep the ship steady.  The sub could accommodate, one-hundred eighty souls  producing its own air and water,
For a ninety day supply, with only 0ne-hundred six souls aboard the sub can stay submerged longer if needed.

Destiny managed emergency care. This amazing ship would not have to refuel for twenty-five years.  A submarine that was a blessing saved
Part of an ancient civilization and part of the submarine crewmen that day.
The Island disappeared into the sea, but another landmass arises, safe passage for one-hundred six amazing lives.
So ends the story of Destiny alive and well, an escape from hell, her story she lives to tell.

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Destiny Calls ( Part 5)