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Cosmic Union

Darkness creeps in lost joys the cry of the soul
protest the loss of her true loves bastion's arms. 
Dwelling in a place beyond charity or compassion's warmth
are hidden in the flames of battles past

Melting in the turmoil of conquered Kings,
blazing in their taunting flames, untouched by light
She slips into the haunting night;
Miles ahead the light of star-kissed nights ignite 

Drifting in the void of space, the rays of countless suns
Reveals the illumination of an enamored  place
Halos drift above and caress the misty eyes of love
Back to his guarding arms, he battles to end all harm

Golden tears now flow, her aching heart will show,
Her grief parts with no relief, and scars her heart
With disbelief; the fleeting hours weigh heavy, yet brief.
The guilty reaper's touch is nothing more than a common thief. 

Quality remains the loss is greater than her gains.
Her tears become the monsoons rain that can not
wash away her unwelcome pains, the cruelty of the time 
Has left a stain, but his light remains.

His warmth reaches out; her tears have ceased, their union
brings sweet release, they embrace in the starlit sky
And glance into one another's eyes, they have born wings to fly
A soft cosmic breeze creates in their loving sighs.

©Allseasonserse 2019

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Cosmic Union