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A Home is Born

I look at the empty fields of harvest past
The wind carries leaves, slow then fast
There is a soft silence when rain gently mist
With an Autumn shower, moistening the faded flowers

This night will walk with me and stay in my mind
A thought of peace at the close of day
I will look afar and wish upon a falling star
It's streaming light, holds the tender moments of
distant heights

When the Harvest Moon was out last week
My young Grandchildren played hide and seek
Their laughter filled the air, with joy and playful care.
All good fun does past, the hour of their bedtime
Appears so fast

Bedtime stories at the end of the day, lined up they kneel to pray,
Each sweet voice, thanking Jesus for their blessings through the day
Now in this hour silence lingers, a time of reading or time to write,
Or simply soak in, the solace of firelight.

There is a place I call home you see, it dwells in the hearts of family
Not much in my life has left me torn, but with their love
A home is born

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A Home is Born