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Patchwork Summer Fun

Summertime in good old Cottage Grove at the lake
When swimming and play we became sun baked.
We had a big innertube that we took turns to use
It was my kind of ship for a playtime cruise.

My sister would lay in this tube and soak up the sun
My brothers and I had a different definition of fun
Rolling and tipping the inner tube on each other
It was a game that called us by name, we shared 
Our time together in sunshiny weather.

That old innertube was patched year after year still brought us
Plenty of cheer, it brought all of us so near, forgetting all troubles and fear
Years later as I clean the attic  and find an old trunk, finding the deflated
Innertube and sand toys, quickly I recall those childhood joys.
It was a friend to both girls and boys.

So I added some air and placed it in my pool, like my sister I soaked up the sun
A peaceful dormant kind of fun, when suddenly it capsized, the air roared with
Laughter, then I noticed my Grandson on the run, seems like a blast from the past
The old innertube  patchwork and all let out a rejuvenating call still fun in the
Water for one and for all.

( Sometimes the simplest things in life can bring a song from the heart that we sing
 Even an old Patchwork innertube  of my childhood joys can bring out the smiles for
A very long while)

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Patchwork Summer Fun