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Rome's Massive Grave

When darkness drifts across the land and steals the strength of beast and man
It is the deepest darkness that will ever stand.
When blood is spilled upon the ground, and armies place their weapons down,
We must turn this world around.
Can you hear the drum roll, a cold relentless sound
Walk away and bare the scars, in days of antiquity priceless crowns of gold and gems
A velvet robe is in the dust, a garment of Kings once trusted now sits in a rusted metal box.
There is a stirring in the dark cold tomb, torches flames do not fail, is this a tomb; no, this is jail! 
I did not know the catacombs are full of webs and remain; but,  it is full of Rome's relentless stains
We were an Archaeological team of four we had the best equipment money could buy,
The energy was drained from the batteries of scanners and flashlights,  we could not tell if it was day or night.
A mist rises in the torch lit air, shapes ascend of many sizes, this deep dark place ghost materialize. 
Are the spirits of the past trapped in this subterranean burial chambers of ancient Rome's Massive grave
Occupied by the notorious brave, a home of the souls are the enslaved. 
The air was thick and untouched by rain, this Massive grave was miles and miles of histories pain.
We head back to where we entered when a ghost appeared, it was an image we all feared. 
I could see the hair standing on my arm, I could not help but wonder if this ghost meant to harm.

(More facts to follow in the story of a civilization, their triumphs their disasters their malevolent hauntings from the hereafter.
There was a force of pure good that stood by our sides, a strong peace that it provides, goodness would prevail, in the second 
Half of this story details. Until then.)

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Rome`s Massive Grave