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Rome's Massive Grave (Second Half)

There was a force of good that stood by our sides, a strong peace it provides, good would prevail
The deepest solitude has hailed us from above the restless spirits that part sending rhythmic  rolls 
of absent hearts lost imprisoned essence decline, a hope has defined
We could not grasp the nature of this ghost, was he dangerous, he seemed to radiate light in our presence
The Catacombs would omit a solemn rise of mist, its murky rise would sway and twist, the darkness looms
The cries of the dead encircle our head, now feeding on our fear, the host becomes clear.
Division of rooms and marks of ossuary gloom parted the ancient evil and good, deepest darkness chilled
While white light streamed from the good and shook the earthen floor. As we seek a Ghost begins to speak:
"My sons were lost on the battlefield, their souls are near, countless centuries I've felt their search in lost 
Foreboding tears; help us unite, to bring us together, to pace these halls of solitude, to bring an end. 
The agony of separation that sadly concludes." 
Quite taken by the Ghostly plea, it was a union that would set him and his family free. So onward we searched
The ghost now follows from above to find the sons he dearly loved.  This ghost was a precious light fed by the
 love he carried for his sons, he was a beacon throughout the centuries; but, there was an endless maze that 
Swallowed his glow, he leads us to a spot no further could he go, an amber stone was placed around our throat,
A trinket to keep us safe, when Five images appear and rose above their essence clear, now free to greet
Father of an ancient past, the family is united, at last, freedom has cleared the air safe and sound,  peace now rebounds,
Now we walk away from a tomb that holds the light of eternity where love now displays,  Rome's Massive Grave
Which has freed the battles;  slaves?

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Rome`s Massive Grave (Second Half)