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 Toy Truck

Little Billy cried when his Toy truck broke 
The tires were gone and it no longer rolled
His favorite toy was like a friend, had 
Seen it's sad end.

His older brothers worked on a newspaper route
He joined them to earn some money
At first, he was behind couldn't keep the pace
but he learns how to make his legs race.

Many days went by, he saved his change
He went to the store to find a new toy truck.
There it was, before his eyes, a red pick-up
With a man inside behind the wheel, plus 
The truck was made out of steel. 

He didn't have enough money that day, so 
He continued to work to earn his pay.
Two weeks go by,  he bought that toy,
He was a happy and proud little boy.

He arrived home to show his mother,
But to his surprise the same toy   
Was at the foot of his bed.
"Thank you, Mom!" Billy said. 

He kept that other truck since it was a gift
He gave the other truck to his brother. 
Together they played, together they worked 
They grew to be the best of friends, but his story
Has a message to send.

We grow with virtues, respect, and love,
Hard work and play, will pave the way;
But the family is honored, each and every day,
Those are the memories that light the way.

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Toy Truck