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Time no longer Waits
Save your self do not let the world take you back to heartless or mindless dust
The footprints of our soul will vanish soon enough. 
The scattered thoughts of life and death will fall to form a crust
My eyes rise to heights  embracing blue sky's of Summer's trust
A peaceful stream brings the flow of water to untamed wild, and frolics like a child
A playful land where the morning mist encases the fibers that fight to stand.
Strolling onward to the bog drifting wood of a hollow log.
A flow that quickens as the air begins to thicken.
A shimmer of sunlight begins to lift the mist when the certain wind makes a twist.
A time where plans and preparation yields without hesitation.
What was, is no more, the elements have walked steadily through the door
The rise and fall to the voice of fate makes her suttle call
Lifted to majestic peaks of rock and slate the hand of time no longer waits

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Time no longer Waits