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 Atlantic's Haunt

Face the hall of judgment when life is gone,
the scales will tip or balance the final weigh souls depend upon.
Oceanliner sunk to the watery deep, many souls were released and yet, many 
Souls lost to the cold, cold deep.

One-thousand five-hundred and three were victims that cold night
North Atlantic Ocean swallowed the ship, it sank out of sight.
This was the ship my ancestors missed passage or I may not be here this day,
The loss was horrendous it left a shadow on history.

On her maiden voyage, leaving Southampton, England, sailing the English channel;
Four days into the cruise there was so much to lose.
The ship that had the claim of "unsinkable" would not see another voyage.
The many lives that oceanliner failed the watery end entails

Mid-April the ghost of waters deep, awaken from their long sleep.
They drift above North Atlantic's grace and look into open space. 
Have they lost their way? A Captian and his crew trapped in the waters blue.
Oh, rise-up all imprisoned ghosts of past and find your peace at last.

(The shattered ship of Titanic's cry is silenced in the"By and By")

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Atlantic`s Haunt