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Toast to Summer's Pass

Do you hear the sunrise stretching out as daylight is dawning?
Do you hear the wind whistle through the ember leaves?
Realistically wind and sunrise omit no sound but with a glance, the eyes can hear by chance
At the moments when laughter comes and goes, a smile continues to show.

The start of each day will come our way, Clouds or the clear blue sky isn't the least bit shy.
The sun winked at me when I walked by. A new development does imply.
Summer begins to walk away at a steady pace from day to day.
Hold the gem of Summer's pass, and walk barefoot in the sleeping grass.

Reach high above the trees to touch the passing breeze, a pure and calming air.
On this day so long ago Autumn's voice speaks once again, a welcome of our dear friend.
A time when colors walk the land and embrace the trees that stand.
Birds fill the sky above and sing out migration's love.

Come and fill your cup with hot cider, take a donut or two, until the geese fly through.
Take a look around the air is filled with stirring sounds. Yes, my friend Autumn now walks the air and ground.
A soothing hayride sweeps across the hills, the ride to view nature's thrills.
So toast your glass to the open season's door come to bid farewell to Summer's pass.

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Toast to Summer`s Pass