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Babysitting Rhyme

There was a smile that this toddler possessed.
A peanut butter jelly grin that warms my heart within.
Nate was never late and I would not miss his famous sticky 
Peanut butter and Jelly kiss.
His laughter is contagious when he faces his sister's demands 
That may seem outrageous.
Tea party with pretend tea, for her teddy bear that sat on Nate's knee
However; the sugar cookies were real. A welcomed treat after their meal.
A week of fun and play has really brought joy my way
As they lay asleep for the night may Angels watch over them as the hour grows late.
God bless my Grandchildren,   the "Dynamic Duo;" Ellie and Nate.
I will return home when Their parents arrive and pleased that I've walked from another
Babysitting occasion, and happy I survived.
Mom and Dad return home on time, and now end's my babysitting rhyme.

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Babysitting Rhyme