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Autumn Calls

Gentle days of Autumn's sun, a multicolor landscape of vibrant summer pass
Leaves dance and swirl on fading grass.
Hayrides to view the countryside, filling hearts with country pride.
The sleep of winter will walk the land, and take his freezing stand.
To the trees of bare limbs, when glitter days will dim, hold the golden memories, warmly within.
Snow kissed hills will hold the thrills of summers golden ray, and bring a bit of warmth on blizzard
Coldest days. Smile for me every season, love will fill our heart's reason.
Take the misty air and build the future of now and here.
Summer sheds one solemn tear, she then closes her eyes to Autumns cheer.
The time of lighted pumpkins is drawing us all so near.
Reach out to All Souls Eve' as children thrill in floating fears.
It is a haunting beauty, that close the doors of each blessed year.
Autumn calls come to gather leaves of soft colors as they fall.

(Wishing one and all a peaceful living, safe, and lovely Fall season. 
For the hope of many heartwarming reasons)
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Autumn Calls