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Mountain Mystifying Light 2

The cavern gave the village climbers shelter from the wind and squalling snow.
The seven of us, somewhat rested, we're ready to approach the top of the mountain.  
Upon leaving, we passed an ice structured fountain that seemed so out of place.
Clear waters streamed at a steady pace my heart was starting to race.

As we walked out of the cavern I heard the flutter of wings, an army of Angels aligning;
The exit of the cavern, swords of silver and gold, the path was guarded, with the Angels of Old.
The mystifying light glowed all about the exit of the cavern.
The light was a star-like beam like the illuminations that fulfilled my dreams. 

As we left, the light was all that remained all else seem to fade, suddenly a stairway appears 
Moving above to the top of the mountain where the light originates.
The light showed the way, climbing the stairs in pairs.
A sigh fills the air, a gentle warmth touches the soul as we reach our goal.

This is the mountain where Angels pass and greet the homebound souls; 
Heaven's Gates is where the purity of light propagates. 
An end that closed seven mountain climbers eyes, absorbing the glistening beams.
The soul's shine from the top of the mountain, as my Angel takes me aloft lifting above the land. 

The seven ventures their journey home and all have been warmed through and through. 
Walking into the light by the side of our Angels
( the light of the reborn, a purity, adorn)

©Allseasonsverse 2018/17/10
All rights reserved
S. C.

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Mountain Mystifying Light 2