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A World We Share
Days slip away. Forward we move.
Touching the realities of sadness,
Joy, love, and hate, Good, bad
and indifferent, it will be a part
Of you or I,  not always knowing why.
The motion continues, the tools that
Give and take at some point can break.
Do we see the faces of tomorrow?
In a vision of fragments of our
Sorrows, and lose ourselves in pain
And measure loss with gain.
Can the future speak before it's
Time? The many questions are not
Always answered, we merely must live
We merely must give a second look at
What is, what was, and what we will
Looking at the beauty of this world
Turning a blind eye to the hideous
Guessing, dreaming it is here for
The making or taking.
Often we can witness the beginning
And the end, and be thankful to have
A friend.
So I ask you, Do we share more in common,
Then in differences?  If we do, then my heart
And the spirit is much the same.
The monsters of this world, who do not speak
Our name reaches out eventually to become
docile and tame!
When we become aware of
Our contributions and tender loving care.
We then may know that Our "All Mighty "
Is everywhere.
He gave us choice and a voice to express
Our joy or despair.
We can live with wisdom and piety, and 
Know this world,
is a world we share.

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A World We Share