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The veil of night draped across the land.
Drifting mist haunts the living as the spirits take their stand. 
So thin a veil between the living and dead, the wailing fills your head. 
The darkest hour evil born of flames that strike, express pure souls dislike. 
Reeking, shrieking cries of the "witching hour "release its ghostly power. 
Tread lightly in skies unsightly, hold on to your soul tightly.
What bumps in that night brings tantalizing fright, be prepared to fight. 
The portal shield opens to humanities fields, pray the havoc yields.
 Long ago, in Ancient Druid, rites feed on the dead of night in spite. 
Swallowing flames of hell bound smite.
What demeanor they implored, in rituals their dark demented ways explored.
Be prepared to replace your dreams with nightmares tormented screams.
Take the time to rebuke all crime; stand clean in the pitch of night's uncivil scene. 
Beware, the veil of Halloween.

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Beware, The Veil of Halloween