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Winter's Rest

The Forest speaks of a Winter's northern winds.
The movement of winter's walk begins when the ice comes moving in.
While memories dance in my mind the winter's frost.
Has found a place so kind.

Unlike the Ocean's tide, roots and earth quietly abide.
Pride of ancient trees sings softly to late Autumns breeze.
There is a tune that flows when Autumn leaves to Winter's show.
The trunks behold the cold hard ground when snow dust spins abound.

The light of life dwells with the trees, a place that God clearly sees.
To hear the voice of hope and love, reach out to life; like cold hands to soft warm gloves.
Cosmic skies dance in the night, under the soft moonlight.
Hold the heart of nature's best, when winter visits the forest to find sweet rest.

©Allseasonserse, 2018/31/10
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Winter`s Rest