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More Than Dreams

Miracles were being witnessed in my hometown.
The stables were a pile of ashes on Haley's land.
Not one stallion harmed, all four horses strongly stand.
The Smoke was on the rise, it filled the winter's skies.
The silver winter's moon was engulfed in charcoal clouds that loom.
A blizzard swept the lowlands and winds took down power lines taking 
Warmth, light and water, the town's people feared their kin were lead to slaughter.
When the storm had ended, it was a grateful sound to hear and sight to see.
The men, women, and children, were safe not one injury.  The low lands were covered
In snow and ice but the people were sound, the fearless storm that raged, in strife,
did not take one single life.
A young child sat quietly while workers cleared the snow, the powerlines repaired.
The child who sat so quietly, just suddenly disappeared, the outline of massive wings appeared.
The golden wings of Angels cleared and left the place in safekeeping, 
Could they be the guardians that left the scene, no loss, no weeping,
in a place where there were more miracles than dreams?

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More Than Dreams