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You can see a velvet night sky for many miles.
A deep ebony sky of jewel-like stars a moon of silver hue.
Sweet song of hope fills the field a day that prosper in the dew
The comfort of joy release the few, a peace long overdue.
Do you see shadows that grow from the light of day, do you try to hold close the
Dove that gently drifts away?
Come feel the waters of Galilee, come see the light that sets the heavy heart and soul
Above, freed by the words of our Makers love.
Walk with those who gathered near to hear the song of Heavens clear.
In ancient times and the present day, the Trinity has lit the way.
Seek the brilliantly displays of aurora rays of endless days.
Peace of heart goodwill embarks to bring a golden mark, to free the lost of cold relentless dark.
We are not alone, the guiding light will bring us home, knowing well: Emmanuel.

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