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Final Hours

We have reached the final hours of 2018. 

When time ticks away NASA works her magic in an unmanned ship. 
The New Horizons space probe is nearing the farthest exploration 
Mankind has designed as a distant eye in the cosmos.
Approximately 12:33 a.m.ET, January 1, 2019, our New Horizons craft 
Will capture images of a distant icy minor planet about a billion miles beyond Pluto.
This icy mass is only about twenty miles across. 
Given a Latin nickname, "Ultima Thule" meaning, "beyond the known world "
About 44 times away from the sun than Our Earth, 
Unable to modify its form. It is not circular it appears to be oblong.
Existing since the beginning of the solar system 4 billion years ago. 
2019 is looking up and beyond it is a small world after all.

©Allseasonsverse 2018/31/12

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Final Hours